Layout Review

Interconnect Engineering can provide layout design support in addition to signal integrity simulation. Interconnect Engineering can help in the following ways:

  • Once Interconnect Engineering has simulated all of the interfaces, layout rules can be generated and step-by-step layout support can be employed to ensure the layout is correct. This will off-load your design team’s responsibilities so they can move on to the next design task.

  • General placement will be reviewed to ensure proper placement with respect to signal integrity and timing goals.

  • Ensuring via usage is not detrimental to system robustness.

  • Verifying the stack-up design is appropriate for the system goals.

  • Ensure single-ended and differential trace width requirements are met.

  • Verifying crosstalk spacing rules are appropriate for the technologies being meployed.

  • Ensure length matching of timing groups is satisfied.

  • Checking power supply design and split plane usage with respect to system robustness.