Working Relationship

Interconnect Engineering will work with your engineers to create a cohesive and useful addition to your organization. Some of the Interconnect Engineering attributes are:

  • Interconnect Engineering prides itself on availability. This means seemless support contact through email, phone or on-site visits. Hours of availability - 8:00AM to 12:00AM (for coverage of all customers, including the West coast and Far East). This organization comes from the startup community, where long hours are mandatory.

  • Simulation and analysis is important. But at the end of the day, the design has to work. Interconnect Engineering provides support for the entire cycle, from back of the napkin to production. Interconnect Engineering works directly with fab houses to ensure that the features designed and simulated are actually built.

  • Documents reviewed in Microsoft Office tools, Visio, etc.

  • Schematics reviewed in PDF form, Viewlogic or Orcad.

  • Board layout reviewed in QSI-300 SIViewer, Allegro, Mentor RE or Pads.

  • Simulation in Hspice or Designer SI. Both native Hspice, IBIS and IBIS-AMI models used. Due to accuracy concerns of IBIS models, emphasis is on the use of Hspice or IBIS-AMI models. Integration with SISoft QSI-300 is used extensively for accurate timing and signal integrity.

  • 3D volumetric field solving with Ansoft HFSS and CST Microwave Studio.

  • Timing verification in Excel or SiSoft's QSI-300.

  • Familiarity with board level simulation tools, if needed by customer (SiSoft QSI-300, PCBSI, ICX, Hyperlynx, etc.). PCBSI is available for design constraints and crosstalk analysis.

  • Deliverables can include everything from simulation results such as waveforms, to routing rules based on simulation results, to layout support, etc. In addition, a detailed report including the analysis of each interface can be provided.

  • High-end, dual-boot (Windows or Redhat Linux) 8 processor workstations. (16Gbyte of memory in each). Because Hspice, HFSS and QSI-300 can be multi-threaded, many processors are utilized to speed up simulations.

  • Lab debug with DSA8200/86100C, BERT generators and other high-frequency ocsilliscopes. Associated probes, high-frequency SMA cables, rework equipment, -48V supplies, etc.

  • >10Mbit/s connection to Internet for fast transmission/reception of data as well as ITAR compliant FTP site access. ITAR controlled database storage is also employed on a 4 Terabyte server.