Interconnect Engineering Inc. provides signal integrity simulation, schematic review and printed-circuit-board layout review services with the goal of reducing EMI potential, closing all board/system-level timing issues and ensuring general robustness of the product design. Pro-active design methodologies that include early incorporation of simulation and design review will always be the most productive solutions. Companies who require solutions to reliability problems involving signal integrity, timing and EMI can also benefit at anytime during the design phase of the product.

The tool suite Interconnect Engineering Inc. uses to achieve robust customer designs is as follows:

  • SiSoft QSI-300 - Extremely accurate tool for analyzing all types of interfaces such as DDR2/DDR3, for signal integrity, timing and back annoated layout data for many layout tools.

  • Ansoft (Ansys) HFSS - 3D field solving of vias in the most accurate manner possible. Also used for antenna, microwave filter, connector, etc. design.

  • Ansoft (Ansys) SIwave. Full 3D extracted traces, vias, component pads, packages, connectors, etc. can occur. There is no better way to extract what exists on the PCB up to 40GHz. This tool also can simulate each power supply voltage for correct plane shape design to avoid plane resonance. Also, capacitor type, location and value can be verified as well as whether any voltage drops will occur due to small trace/plane widths. No need for expensive VNAs and test jigs.

  • Ansoft (Ansys) Designer/Nexxim. This tool uses IBIS-AMI models so that millions of bits can be sent across a serial-link in a short amount of time, to show realistic eye closure. The Bit Error Rate for the proposed link can actually be calculated.
  • Synopsys Hspice. Extremely accurate circuit simulator.

Interconnect Engineering Inc. maintains United States Government “Secret Clearance” for sensitive military and government projects. More information can be found through the JPAS system or by contacting Interconnect Engineering Inc.